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1+1 Executive Coaching

Sunya Circle™ Executive Coaching inspires CXOs and Profit-Center Heads to ‘Play Big, PLAY FREE’. Practicing Ambidexterity and leveraging the ‘Power of Paradox’ empowers Transformational Leaders to thrive in a VUCAx world and achieve higher Success ‘n Joy.

Team Coaching & Co-Learning Workshops

Sunya Circle™ Team Coaching partners with the Executive leadership team, to build Team Social Capital, on the back of ‘Team Ei’ behavioral norms (‘SMiLeS’) coupled with the 12 pt. Discipline of Winning Teams. Central to this is fostering a winning Eꙴ Culture – which envisions, enables, energizes to execute with excellence.

Speaking Engagements & Webinars

Customized to client-brief.

  • Conscious Choice
  • Ambidexterity
  • Transformative Leadership
  • Leverage Diversity & Inclusion

Celebrating Excellence

Since 2012, Sunya Circle Executive Coaching has proven results in 20+ countries, when it comes to:

  • Building Executive Presence as Transformational leaders who can thrive in VUCAx times.

  • Encouraging Audacious Growth of People AND Business. Ensuring sustainable success by building Organizational Vitality.

  • Inspiring ‘Coach-Approach’ mindset.

  • Appreciating Self-Awareness, Building high EQ & CQ (cultural intelligence) skills as relevant for globally deployed leaders

  • Team Coaching: Instilling a Sense of being Winners. Co-owning a Shared Purpose & Values with a sense-of-urgency.

  • Developing an open mindset – practice disruptive innovation.

Partnering to Ignite Excellence

Jaspal Bajwa

Founder - Sunya Circle
Coach & Consultant for Transformational Leadership,
Success-by-Design & Organization Vitality


Jaspal is an engaging, thoughtful and very driven business leader. He is strategic and focused on execution excellence.
He is passionate about all that he does, yet he is fair, open minded and balanced.
His successful business stints at Nestle and B&L are demonstrative of these traits and I commend him for his leadership facilitation and results orientation

Ajay Banga
Chairman & Former CEO

Jaspal is an excellent leader who builds strong teams that have an excellent reputation of solid execution. He possesses international experience across many countries and cultures.

I have found Jaspal to be a very good communicator who is good at assessing differing market conditions and executing start-up and turnaround business strategies accordingly.

Dwain Hahs
Former COO
Bausch & Lomb

Jaspal is an outstanding leader, who is able to combine his deep understanding of human behavior & motivations with his vast global business experience to inspire people & teams.
He is also a wonderful and warm human being who brings a spiritual dimension to his work helping develop teams & leaders. I can vouch for his passion, his infectious enthusiasm and his ability to motivate people to rise above what they think is possible for them to achieve.

Nandu (Doreswamy)
Former EVP
Nestle, Switzerland
Head of Asia, Oceania,
Africa & Global CEO
Nestle Nutrition

Jaspal drives consistent results through systematic planning, energizing and inspiring teams. He can navigate multiple cultures, leadership styles and regulatory environments to bring clarity and focus to the teams. I commend his ability to create winning teams, instill self confidence in other leaders and deliver results consistently.

G.V. Prasad
Co- Chairman and CEO
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd

Through his unique combination of functional skills, coaching, empathy, listening and story-telling, and his sheer presence Jaspal was able to take this group of hard-nosed sales directors across Asia Pacific to become more self-aware, empathetic, and even happier professionals.

Neeraj Shaabi
M.D. and Vice President
Oracle ASEAN / SE Asia
Former President
Asia-Pacific –

A true leader - Jaspal is constantly on the lookout to expand his horizons and to share his diverse experience and learnings … keen ability to lead and develop people, enabling them to achieve outstanding performance.

Carlo Donati
Former CEO, Nestle Waters
Member, Global Executive Board, Nestle SA


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